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What we have been up to in Year 4 this week

This week in Y4H we have had a great time. In maths we have been looking at multiplying three digit numbers using the formal method and practising, perimeter, ready for next week. In science we have been learning about electricity, and naming the basic parts in a circuit. In DT we have been learning about GREEK  dishes and we are going to make Moussaka. We looked at the equipment we will need to make the dish and started to look at the method.

Our attendance this week is 97. 2


By OB and JC

Another week in Year 4

This week in Y4H we have had lots of exciting things going on! We are really enjoying reading ‘Who let the Gods out’, the story is changing all the time and there are so many different characters that we have met along the way! Chapter 7 has probably been our favourite chapter so far, because Elliot and Virgo accidentally released Thanatos, the death daemon, from his imprisonment! We can’t wait to find out what happens next!

In maths, we have been learning about factor pairs. At first it was quite tricky, but once we figured out how to work with factors it became much easier. In arithmetic we have been practising using a formal method for multiplication and we will be continuing to look at this next week,

Science has been so much fun. We have started to look at electricity. We ordered pictures to determine if difference appliances ran on mains electricity or batteries and then discussed the dangers of electricity by going into a house on the interactive board and identifying the dangers within each room.

We won attendance this week with 100% Well done Y4H

Another week in Y4H

This week, in English, we have been working towards writing a diary. We have been looking at ‘show not tell’ demonstrating to the reader how a character feels through their actions and speech. In Maths, we have been estimating the answer to different addition and subtraction problems by rounding up the numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. In Spelling, we have looked at the prefixes ‘in’, ‘ir’, ‘il’ and ‘im’. We have been grouping words based on the letter they begin with so we know which prefix to add. In, P.E we have been doing Quicksticks. This week we have learned how to control the ball. In Music, we have been singing a new Firework song, linked to our context, The Firework-Maker’s Daughter. Some of the boys in our class went to a football festival on Friday at the Soccer Dome in Wigan, to represent our school. They got through to the quarter finals and we were really proud of how well they did!

From Y4H

Our attendance this week is 98.6%

What we have been up to this week

In y4H we’ve been reading the Firework Makes daughter looking at chapter 4 and chapter 5.In maths we have been problem solving using column method which was tricky. In English we have been summarising the main events of the Firework makers daughter. In art we have been making Jackson Pollock paintings using the method of drip painting and flicking the paintbrush.In spelling we have been learning the prefixes, in, ir, il, and im. We have been adding them on to root words to changing the meanings.

From Courtney and Hugo

What We Have Learnt This Week

This week, we have been learning about the famous artist Jackson Pollock in our art lessons. We have researched some of his famous paintings and have analysed his techniques in order to mimic his work. In Maths we have started looking at how to complete sequences and counting on in 8’s, 9’s and 25’s from any given number. Regarding English, we’ve written a set of instructions on how to make a simple firework. We included lots of conjunctions and adverbials in our work as well as safety precautions when setting them off.

From Callum and Zac

Welcome back Y4H

Welcome back everybody! Hope you have all had a fantastic summer and are feeling refreshed and ready for the start of a new year! I hope you are as excited as I am to get stuck in! We are going to be learning lots of new and exciting things together and I can’t wait to begin our journey!

We are beginning this term looking at Philip Pullman’s ‘The Firework Maker’s-Daughter’. This is one of my favourite books and such a great context to begin with, with lots of fun and thrilling surprises along the way! I hope you enjoy reading this book just as much as I did and we will be learning all about Lila’s adventure to Mount Merapi and her encounter with the Fire-Fiend.

Does Lila have what it takes to be a firework maker?

Miss Hunter

WB: 25th June 2018

What a busy week! The children have worked super hard this week as we’ve looked at…

Alice in Wonderland (Mad Hatter’s Tea Party setting description)

Maths (One and two-step word problems)

Science (Investigating if the sun is dangerous or not and how light travels)

Design & Technology (Painting Mad Hatter hats)




Keep it up Y3H!!


This week in Y3H we have been -

Looking at bar charts and pictograms and solving problems in Maths.

Using personification to describe how the teacups and lanterns moved at the Mad Hatter’s Tea party.

Planning our setting descriptions in English.

Preparing for and taking part in Sports Day.

Making our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Hats.

We also watched a production of the Railway Children, which we all really enjoyed.

Our attendance for the week was 98.5%.

Alice in Wonderland

Have a look at our ‘New Book’ in Y3H – Alice in Wonderland.


Author’s facts

Emma Elizabeth Clark (born 15 October 1955) is a British children’s book illustrator and author. She has published over 60 books and is best known for Alice in Wonderland and her series of picture books about a child’s toy called Blue Kangaroo.