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WB: 25th June 2018

What a busy week! The children have worked super hard this week as we’ve looked at…

Alice in Wonderland (Mad Hatter’s Tea Party setting description)

Maths (One and two-step word problems)

Science (Investigating if the sun is dangerous or not and how light travels)

Design & Technology (Painting Mad Hatter hats)




Keep it up Y3H!!


This week in Y3H we have been -

Looking at bar charts and pictograms and solving problems in Maths.

Using personification to describe how the teacups and lanterns moved at the Mad Hatter’s Tea party.

Planning our setting descriptions in English.

Preparing for and taking part in Sports Day.

Making our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Hats.

We also watched a production of the Railway Children, which we all really enjoyed.

Our attendance for the week was 98.5%.

Alice in Wonderland

Have a look at our ‘New Book’ in Y3H – Alice in Wonderland.


Author’s facts

Emma Elizabeth Clark (born 15 October 1955) is a British children’s book illustrator and author. She has published over 60 books and is best known for Alice in Wonderland and her series of picture books about a child’s toy called Blue Kangaroo.