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What we have been up to in Year 4 this week

This week in Y4H we have had a great time. In maths we have been looking at multiplying three digit numbers using the formal method and practising, perimeter, ready for next week. In science we have been learning about electricity, and naming the basic parts in a circuit. In DT we have been learning about GREEKĀ  dishes and we are going to make Moussaka. We looked at the equipment we will need to make the dish and started to look at the method.

Our attendance this week is 97. 2


By OB and JC

Another week in Year 4

This week in Y4H we have had lots of exciting things going on! We are really enjoying reading ‘Who let the Gods out’, the story is changing all the time and there are so many different characters that we have met along the way! Chapter 7 has probably been our favourite chapter so far, because Elliot and Virgo accidentally released Thanatos, the death daemon, from his imprisonment! We can’t wait to find out what happens next!

In maths, we have been learning about factor pairs. At first it was quite tricky, but once we figured out how to work with factors it became much easier. In arithmetic we have been practising using a formal method for multiplication and we will be continuing to look at this next week,

Science has been so much fun. We have started to look at electricity. We ordered pictures to determine if difference appliances ran on mains electricity or batteries and then discussed the dangers of electricity by going into a house on the interactive board and identifying the dangers within each room.

We won attendance this week with 100% Well done Y4H