Monthly Archives: May 2017

Marvellous Cake Making!

What an exciting day we had on Wednesday!

Through our Design Technology lesson, we planned, designed and made a marvellous topping for a cake!

We selected a range of wonderful ingredients such as mice, teeth, lips, foam spray, icing and even chocolate covered raisins!

Then we evaluated our creations and took them home to sample!

They did look rather yummy! :)

Quentin Blake Paintings

On Wednesday the children were busy sketching and painting in the style of Quentin Blake.

They started off by choosing a picture of either George or Grandma from George’s Marvellous Medicine as a starting point and then they did two draft sketches in their sketch books.

Next, we talked about how Quentin Blake uses a light box when he is creating his art work and we recreated the light box technique by the children drawing over a larger sketch at the window!

Finally the children used inks to add colour to their sketches. We think they look just like the work of Quentin Blake!

Well done Year 2!