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Repeated Patterns

repeated shape patterns

Next week in Maths the children will be exploring pattern.  They have to be able to identify what comes next in a repeated pattern.  Check out the following website to practise working out what comes next:

You could even make some repeated patterns of your own using your toys.  Why not have a go, choose 3 different toys, e.g. car, animal, animal, car, animal, animal.


Next week we will be exploring how to write fractions:


We will also we exploring which fractions are equivalent to each other.

equivalent fractions 1

equivalent fractions 3

They also need to know that 1/3 is the same as 2/6 or 3/9.

World Book Day 2017!

To celebrate World Book Day, Year 2 came to school today dressed as characters from the story Aladdin. Their costumes look fantastic, take a look at the pictures!