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Measures – Problems

We have been working hard all week exploring length and weight.  Take a look at the attached problems – can you solve them?

Y2 Problems – Spring 2 – Measures


Next week in Maths we will be exploring length and weight.

The children need to be able to measure and draw lengths to the nearest centimetre and identify objects that are longer/taller than a metre or shorter than a metre.  Have a look around your house, can you find anything that is longer/taller or shorter than a metre? (You might need to borrow a tape measure – ask an adult to help you work out what a metre looks like on it.)

They need to identify items that are heavier or lighter than a kilogram and read scales to the nearest 10g.  Check out the following website to practice reading weight scales.



Next week we will continue to spend time learning more about multiplication and division.  Here is another game you can use to help you to practise your   2, 5 and 10 times tables.

The children need to understand that multiplication can be don e in any order and that division can’t.

If we know that

5 X 2 = 10, then we know that

2 X 5 = 10.

We also know that 10 ÷ 2 = 5 and 10 ÷ 5 = 2.

Multiplication and Division


We have been learning about multiplication and division during this week.  Children in year 2 need to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables inside out and upside down!  Try playing this multiplication game.

We have also been solving problems.  Take a look at the ones below, can you solve them? Reply with your answers.

Toy Cars  car

Tom needs to buy presents for his 8 friends.  He decides to buy them toy cars.  He buys each one 2 toy cars. How many does he need to buy altogether?

 Valentines partyheart

Lucy is inviting 10 friends to her Valentines party.  She needs to buy each friend 5 heart shaped sweets.   How many heart shaped sweets does she need to buy altogether?

 Dinosaurs  dino

Daniel buys 90 dinosaurs models as presents for his friends.  10 friends come to his party.  How many dinosaur models does each friend receive?

  Lego Friends  lego

Toni buys 30 Lego Friend key rings as presents for her friends.  She gives each friend 5 Lego Friend key rings each. How many friends did she give Lego Friend key rings to?

 Lego Men  lego man

Benjamin is trying to decide which sets of Lego men have the most so he can buy them with his pocket money.  Which packets should he buy?

5 packets with 7 Lego men in each one, or 10 packets with 4 Lego men in each one.


Use the picture below to think of multiplication and division sentences using X, ÷ and =.pizzapizzapizzapizzapizza