Monthly Archives: September 2016

Look what arrived!

We found a suitcase in Y2 last week, it was very exciting.  We worked out that Sunny the meerkat had left it while he was on his journey.  We found all sorts of things inside the suitcase as you can see in the photos below, including an aeroplane ticket to the Kalahari Desert!  We even discovered some very messy and sandy meerkat footprints all over the floor of Y2 – Sunny had been up to tricks!

welcome to y2

I hope you have enjoyed being back at school.  Tell me what you think about Year 2.  What have you enjoyed?  What would you like to do more of?  Don’t forget to say why.  Remember to use capital letters and full stops when you reply.  Use only your first name or initials.

Looking forward to reading your replies

Miss Cartwright